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At Seven Hills Podiatry we have a comprehensive range of footwear available. These include medical-grade footwear, shoes for people with diabetes, shoes for people with swelling, shoes for people with wide or abnormally shaped feet.

We also have a range of sandals which can accommodate issues like swelling, diabetes, wide fit, as well. 

Both men's and women's footwear are available. Footwear can be made available through Home Care Package, or NDIS funding if eligible.

We are able to determine the most appropriate type of shoe and measure your size within a standard consultation, or as a stand-alone consultation. 

Our podiatrist Paul is also a certified and registered Pedorthist, This means he can provide advice on more specialised cases where a modified or customised shoe is required. 

Give us a call if you'd like to discuss our footwear options.

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